AudioVisual Technologies and Adult Learning in Meetings We all know AV elements are vital for a positive meeting experience. But did you know there are new facts about how audiovisual technology affects everything from mood and energy level to learning retention and memory? Filled with practical application and technology tips, this white paper shows you how to target AV to your specific meeting objectives to create your desired meeting experience and results.


www.amenclinic.com Dr. Daniel Amen's website with a free diagnostic assessment of your particular brain type, along with suggestions for balancing out your brain functions. Information on the brain is also provided.

www.happyneuron.com A great website with online games to exercise your brain.

www.lumosity.com Imaginative and fun online training games to improve memory, attention, and even mood. Also includes lots of info on brain fitness.

www.brainbuilder.com A website with online exercises for developing specific aspects of your brain, particularly information processing and focus.

www.dana.org The website of the Dana Foundation, an organization that supports brain research and offers a variety of brain science resources. Brain Web provides information on current brain research, Brainy Kids Online offers online brain science resources for children, teens, parents, and educators, and Brain Resources for Seniors provides older adults and their caretakers with links to sites related to brain health, education and general information.


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