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"I've engaged Andrea Sullivan to customize her BrainStrength concepts for 3 very different audiences. Her presentations fascinated and energized each group. More importantly, her message resonated and left a compelling, lasting message. I cannot say enough about her knowledge and ability to translate scientific concepts into practical applications we can use personally and professionally."

Cynthia Brancato
Major Pharma
Director, Org. Development
PRODN President, NWCT Mentoring Chair

Whether your meeting is a multiday conference for your organization or a corporate training for your leadership team, it pays to take the brain into account when designing education, learning, and your meeting agenda. Everything we experience comes through our brains - you can greatly enhance your attendees' experience and achieve your meeting's objectives by working with the brain's design.

Bring Neuroscience into Your Meetings In Simple, Actionable Ways

All of our presentations and trainings are customized to adapt the science into easily understandable, practical applications for your specific needs. Concrete strategies and tools are combined with valuable insights and widened perspectives to reach people in ways that motivate, inspire, and empower them to action. Whatever topic you choose, the unique content and approach will enhance the meeting experience and enable the achievement of meeting objectives.

A Sampling of BrainStrength Presentations:

How Face-to-Face Meetings Enhance Organizational Performance >>
We hear a lot about meeting design, ROI, and achieving meeting objectives. But did you know that there’s a body of research that demonstrates the value of face-to-face meetings and events in a totally different framework? Research on organizational performance shows that face-to-face events are vital for strategic planning and implementation, managing change, obtaining new customers, maximizing employee engagement and workforce performance, strengthening branding, increasing organizational alignment, enhancing organizational capacity, and increasing human and social capital. This presentation gives you a whole new toolbox for positioning and marketing your face-to-face events.
This presentation converts well into an executive briefing for management and C-level leaders. Many do not realize the role meetings play in organizational performance, and the research clearly spells it out with credibility and demonstrable results.
Feed the Brain: How to Make Healthy Meals a Reality >>

One of the biggest challenges we face in the meetings industry is how to support attendees in remaining alert, energized, and in a learning state throughout the day and the conference. Food plays a huge role in this: what we eat greatly influences how we think and how we feel. This presentation provides what you need to know to offer food choices targeted to specific meeting objectives and outcomes desired.

Neuroscientists are just now identifying the effects of specific foods on brain functioning. Certain foods release certain chemicals in the brain which, in turn, produce a variety of mental and physical states in people. Lean proteins, for example, improve cognition and clarity of thought. Complex carbohydrates produce serotonin, a neurotransmitter that produces a sense of well-being and social comfort. An understanding of how it all works gives you the ability to design menu choices with the brain in mind, so you produce the meeting experiences you wish your attendees to have.

In this highly interactive and brain-friendly session, participants will:

  • Discover how the brain works in relation to food: how foods produce brain chemicals that enhance a variety of states in the brain and body.
  • Plan menus with targeted food options to achieve a variety of meeting objectives.
  • Examine how to work with the body's natural physiological states at different times of the day. (Yes, you can minimize the afternoon energy slump!)
  • Identify which foods improve learning, memory and performance; and which enhance mood to energize and uplift attendees.
  • Gain solutions to the challenges of meeting budgets, procuring quantity, working with vendors, and providing attendees with foods and menus they love!
Using AV to Enhance Learning, Memory, and the Meeting Experience >>
We all know AV elements are vital for a positive meeting experience. But did you know there are new facts about how audiovisual technology affects everything from mood and energy level to learning retention and memory? Explore the results of this first-of-its kind research study loaded with practical tips to improve your attendee experience and assist you in achieving your meeting objectives.
BrainStrength: Processing Meltdown or Optimal Usage? Power Up Your Brain for Results >>

Peak performance takes on a whole new meaning in the light of 21st century technological advances. People must use their minds in new ways to process and juggle an often-overwhelming amount of information and interaction.

Fortunately, modern brain science provides us with what we need to meet this challenge by optimizing our brain functioning for our current conditions. In this exciting, fun presentation, you'll discover how you can develop your brain to work effectively and harmoniously in today's world.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • How modern culture is impacting our brain structure and mental functioning
  • How to target your mental development to build the brain you want
  • How to boost your brain's information-processing ability to expand attention capacity, concentration and memory
  • How to take control of your inner actions: thoughts, emotions, and beliefs
  • How to design work processes and external environments to optimize mental functioning
Engage Hearts and Minds with Brain-Friendly Meetings >>
Wouldn't it be great if meeting attendees were alert, engaged, and energized during an entire meeting or conference? If what was shared was learned; if what was learned was put into action? Engagement and learning occur on a biological level – through our brains. This presentation shows you how to design meeting agendas and environments that work with the brain's natural abilities. Your events will not only be more fun, they'll also be more effective in achieving objectives and producing the meeting experience you want your attendees to have.
Secrets of the Buying Brain: The Inside Scoop on How We Make Purchasing Decisions >>

Our work, and our lives, are filled with choices. There are many formulas for making good decisions, but they often fall short because they don't take into account the way our brains actually work. (Hint: It's not as straightforward or logical as we are led to believe.) This brain-friendly presentation demonstrates what goes on in our brains when we make purchasing decisions, and goes further to show you how to sell your decisions once you've made them.

Specifically, you will:

  • Identify two distinct brain systems that influence what we choose to buy, and discover how to optimize your usage of them to streamline your decision-making process.
  • Discover biological factors that hijack the decision-making process, and gain strategies for integrating them to make solid, well-grounded choices.
  • Gain the latest neuroscience on deciphering body language. (Very fun, and enlightening for buyers and sellers alike.)
  • Obtain strategies for addressing power differentials, gaining credibility and respect so that your decisions are accepted.
Selling Change: How to Obtain Buy-In for Innovative Ideas >>
Description to follow.
Booths & Brains: The Psychology of Trade Show Design >>
Description to follow.
Team Building with the Brain in Mind >>
Description to follow.
Leading Virtual Teams to High Performance >>
Description to follow.
Create Your Own Topic for Your Audience! >>
We want to provide the most value for your attendees so that you accomplish your objectives. We can work with you to identify a relevant issue or competency and build a presentation around that; showing what goes on in the brain and how to best use our mental and physical resources to optimize performance.

We partner with you

We communicate with you to make sure that we understand your audience and your needs prior to our presentation. We will identify key concerns and interests for integration into the presentation. We work with you to ensure that the process is smooth and all logistics are handled. Our goal is to provide optimal value for your attendees and a seamless process for you.

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"As a meeting manager, I'm always looking for new and interesting topics that will engage my attendees and give them concrete information they can put into practice immediately. Andrea Sullivan delivers just that – clear, concise, thought-provoking information that motivates the audience and give them the tools that they need to succeed." Stephanie Krzywanski
Signature Marketing Group
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