BrainStrength Systems is a learning and performance organization dedicated to bringing the valuable information from current neuroscience to ordinary people for use in their lives and at work. We work with individuals to achieve goals and dreams, with organizations to improve performance and culture, and with meeting and learning professionals to support their work with the latest research and brain-compatible strategies.

For more information about the founder of BrainStrength, Andrea E. Sullivan, click here to read her full bio.

Our Principles and Guidelines

Leading Edge Practice

We devour books and pour over research to merge the very latest information with our teachings.

We want what is best for you

We will not sell you extras or work you do not need.


We will not hoard our information from you - you will benefit from things as soon as we learn them.


We focus on getting you the results that you want. We're committed to assisting both our clients and our colleagues in utilizing the latest brain information to their advantage.

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