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Meeting Solutions

Modern neuroscience is discovering a wealth of insight into how the human mind works, learns, plays, and meets! These discoveries hold great value for meeting planners and designers in enabling us to develop programs that are effective in producing the outcomes we desire by engaging the hearts and minds of our attendees. BrainStrength Systems offers services to not only bring you this information, but to apply it in ways that work within your meeting and conference parameters. Meetings are changing, as we all know, and it just makes sense to choose changes that work with the design of the brain.


We offer a variety of presentations on both BrainStrength and LeaderStrength topics. All of our presentations are brain-friendly - utilizing multisensory input, interactive activities, constructive learning, collaborative learning, and, in general, a very lot of participation on the part of the attendees. Research has shown that people get very bored (i.e., brain dead!) when listening for a long time to a speaker, no matter how good the speaker is. Much better to have people up and about, using bits of information to construct and apply knowledge. Experience has shown us that attendees love to participate – it wakes up and delights their brains! Plus, learning is deeper and longer-lasting when information is used, not simply heard. For our topics, please click here for BrainStrength topics and here for LeaderStrength topics. In addition, we are interested in all things related to our brains, so please feel free to contact us with your own topic. We will work with you to customize a presentation in alignment with your specific needs. You can contact us by clicking here.


We offer consulting services for those who want to design a specific meeting or topic in alignment with brain-friendly learning and meeting design principles. If you’re interested in finding out more or discussing how this will benefit your programs, please contact us here.

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