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Leadership Development/Management Training

There are many programs available for developing leadership skills, and for good reason: a solid foundation in leadership competencies is essential in today's workplace. What makes ours different? We utilize the very latest science on how people learn and function to make sure the learning sticks and is applied. Check out our workshops to see how you can enable and empower your people to produce exceptional organizational results.

Fundamentals of Leadership >>

Are you new to management or looking to brush up your leadership skills? Or perhaps you'd like to move into a leadership role. This interactive, invigorating class introduces you to the basic competencies that every leader needs. Through activities, lecture, and interaction with other participants, you gain the skills you need to effectively lead yourself and others to results. Specifically, you will:

How To Lead So Others Will Follow >>

In today's workplace, almost everyone needs great leadership skills, as many tasks, projects, and initiatives involve the active collaboration of several people. Whether or not you are a manager, you may be tasked with getting the job done. This fun, interactive workshop gives you the skills you need to work effectively with anyone to create the results you want. Specifically, you will learn how to:

Effective Team Leadership: Creating Results Through Synergy >>

Much of today's work is performed by teams. This makes team leadership skills an essential competency you'll want to have! This workshop gives you what you need to be a confident, effective team leader. In this workshop, you will:

Project Management Basics I & II >>

Whether you are new to project management or are juggling several projects at once, a solid foundation in the fundamentals of project management is essential. Based on the PMI Framework, Project Management Basics gives you the tools and techniques that will enable you to manage your projects with confidence, professionalism, and consistent success.

Project Management Basics I

Project Management Basics II

Project Management: Leading the Team >>

Managing a project requires more than a well-formed plan: you need a strong team of individuals working at their best and working well together. This is often the most challenging part of successfully managing your project. Learn how to develop and manage your project teams to maximize output and minimize disruption, distribute tasks and information in a way that works, motivate your team to get the work done right and on time, and create credibility and accountability so your team members give their very best to your project. In this fun, high-energy workshop, you will learn how to:

The Power of Relationships: Interpersonal Skills for Leaders >>

Relationship-building is fast becoming an essential skill for professionals both inside and outside of organizations. Leaders with strong, wide networks have valuable access to people, information and resources. To produce the results you want, who you know matters, alliances matter, people knowing you matters - any way you look at it, networking is a very profitable activity. In this class, you will learn how to:

Difficult People / Difficult Situations: The Art of Redirection >>

No one likes conflict, yet it must be addressed and managed. Get ahead of the curve by learning how to not only face, but anticipate and proactively handle conflict situations and difficult people in your office. When managed well, conflict produces a healthy diversity of perspective that strengthens your team. When managed poorly; well, we all know what that looks like! In this valuable class, you will learn how to:

Employee Engagement: How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team >>

Engaged employees are more motivated, more productive, and more satisfied with their jobs. A relatively new concept, engagement has been shown to be a major driver of performance and retention. Learn how to engage your staff so you can enjoy working with a high-performing, happy team! Specifically, you will learn:

Superb Supervision >>

Many supervisors are promoted to leadership positions because they have been successful workers. The challenge for supervisors, however, is to manage employees in order to accomplish work, which requires an entirely different set of skills. This class teaches you how to create cooperative, productive relationships with your staff. You will learn how to create both the infrastructure and the interpersonal environment required to be a trusted and effective supervisor. Skills include how to:

Performance Training

Do yourself and your staff a favor: invest some time and energy in developing your brains! This is the new gym for peak performance, for learning, for behavior change, for emotional mastery... and the list goes on. We provide coaching combined with exercises and activities that create change in the structure of the brain to develop those abilities that are desired.

Effective Interpersonal Communication >>

Communication skills are an essential element for professionals in today's workplace. With a little training, you can say whatever you need to - and get the results you want with the most cooperation and the least amount of trouble! In this workshop you'll learn:

From Shy to Shining: Presentation Skills >>

Speaking in front of people is a skill required by most leaders and managers. Whether it's delivering a presentation or running a meeting, you need to know how to get your point across in a way that others hear and respond. This workshop covers the basics of preparing and delivering a presentation, along with giving you a valuable perspective on how your audience learns and processes information. If you're like many people, even thinking about this class may give you an uneasy feeling, so we'll show you how to alleviate the public speaking anxieties most of us experience. Learn the skills that will make you a great presenter, and relax knowing you can master this part of your job. In this workshop, you will:

Managing a Multigenerational Workforce >>

For the first time in history, the workplace includes four distinct generations, each with its own unique strengths, expectations, values, and work styles. Whether you are a manager or a frontline worker, it is essential that you learn to communicate and work well with members of each generation. In this fun, enlightening workshop, you will learn:

Keynotes & Breakouts

Introduce your audiences to our interactive and energizing presentations. We offer concrete strategies and tools for immediate application at work and in their lives. We customize our material to adapt the science into easily understandable and practical applications for the specific needs of your audience. Whatever topic you choose, the unique content and approach of our keynotes and break-out sessions will enhance and deepen the impact of your conference.

Brain Overload: The 21st Century Challenge >>

"Peak performance" takes on a whole new meaning in the light of 21st century technological advances. People must use their minds in new ways to handle an often overwhelming amount of information and interaction. This presentation provides you with new brain tools and strategies, so you can meet 21st century challenges with a 21st century brain!

The Brain-Savvy Leader >>

Leadership begins at home. Self-mastery is an essential competency for anyone taking on a leadership role in an organization. It all happens in your mind: your brain leads your thoughts, emotions and actions. Why not take charge of your brain? Learn a few simple principles to develop control, choice, and insight into what makes you, and others, tick.

Brain Aid: Relief for the Modern Mind >>

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? You're not alone. Our human brain structure has not caught up with the demands of modern life, which we usually experience as a state of overload or powerlessness. This workshop explains what's happening in the brain and offers strategies for developing a calm, efficient, happy mind. Oh, and by the way, you'll also be more productive!

I Know What to Do, I Just Can't Do It: Changing Stubborn Habits >>

Current neuroscience has shed light on how we can use our brains to increase our power to change stubborn, nonproductive behaviors. This greatly accelerates the process of behavior change, while making long-term, sustainable change more likely and a lot easier. Learn how our brain holds habits in place, and what you can do to change them.

How To Create a Brain-Friendly Meeting >>

Wouldn't it be great if meeting attendees were open, engaged, and invigorated during an entire conference? It would amaze us all to see the same energy on the last day as we see on the first. This is usually ot the case. The nature of conferences is the transfer and reception of a large amount of information. The nature of people is that our attention and retention capacity is not large. Information overload is a growing issue for the meetings industry. This presentation introduces you to the part of us that assimilates and processes information: the brain. You will discover how to plan your meeting events to work with the brain's natural abilities. Your events will not only be more fun, they will also be more effective!

Brain Alive! Principles for Engaging Motivation >>

Recent neuroscience has identified the neural circuits that produce motivational states. With a little knowledge and some useful tools, you can solve the motivational puzzle. Learn how to engage and develop your own motivation, and support others in increasing their motivation as well!

Create Your Own Topic! >>

As you can tell, we love exploring neuroscience and creating applications for our everyday lives. If you have a topic in mind and would like the inside scoop on what happens in the brain—contact us! We'll explore with you to create a presentation that fits your interests.

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